Project Title Project Executives Project Duration
Molecular Diagnosis and Biological Control Of Rift Valley Fever in Egypt Prof.Dr.Mohamed Galal Aggour - Dr.Hanaa Abd Elkader 2 Year
National project for improvement of milk production Prof.Dr.Mohamed Galal Aggour - Prof.Dr. Mostafa A. Abonorag 5 Year
Molecular characterization of infectious bursal virus chicken lymphoid cell interaction , application for control of infection Prof.Dr. Amina Abd Elmoein Nawwar - Prof.Dr.Hossien Aly Hossien 2 Year
RVF sero servalence for camels in Egypt and molecular diagnosis Prof.Dr.El-Sayed Mohamed Abed-elwhab - Dr.Hnaa Abd Elkader 3 Year
Molecular and pathological detection with epidemiological mapping of Bovine viral diarrhea disease in Egypt Prof.Dr.Rawhya Omran - Prof .Dr. Dowlat Amin 3 Year
Sequencing and matching between new FMDV field isolates and bivalent vaccinal strains local produced in Egypt. Prof .Dr. Sayed Ahmed Salem - Dr. Iman Abo Hatteb 3 Year
Advanced studies on Mycoplasma disease (Mastitis) in cattle and Egyptian buffaloes Prof. Dr.Sabry Esmaeil - Prof. Dr.Ahmed Abel-hamid 3 Year
Up to date Diagnostic tools of bovine tuberculosis with special concern to it is control Prof.Dr.Emad Mokhtar Riad - Prof.Dr.Adel Fayek Faud 2 Year