Dr. Atef Abdel Aziz multi-disability granting 40 scientific theses to healthy people

When he walks down the street, he moves annoyingly, and abnormally, due to his inability to balance, and this makes him "tear" grief several times every day because of the "pity" he finds in people's eyes, but God Almighty did not make despair a way to himself. When he discovered "Wormin" in the hearing centers, he traveled to London to perform surgery, and the treating surgeon told him about the necessity of searching for a profession other than medicine because he would not fit it, so he replied with confidence, I would be satisfied with God’s judgment .. And he completed “Atef Abdel Aziz Hassan” His life, and he fought a "fierce" war for 35 years, "wielding" the weapon of science in the face of disease .. In the end, he won .. and was wounded. A veterinarian and professor of human medical analysis.